My company Dance Jox has been out of stock since August of 2015. I am almost back in stock after 10 months. I can honestly say I’ve had a learning experience. I made the mistake of seeking out other cut and sew contractors to make the dance belt. Shouldn’t have done that. The companies I was working with for samples had complications with getting to a production. I have gone back to one of my manufacturers that is reliable.

Just a few more weeks and I will have a new and improved version of the Dance Jox dance belt. It will have new and improved fabric. The construction is the same with slight changes from the first model. The changes will not be noticeably drastic.

The fabric will be a dry wicking material that has an anti-microbial treatment. The color is slightly different from the earlier model also. The material is a poly spandex blend with a cotton feel. It will be sure to feel very comfortable against the body. The colors will still come in nude/flesh and black.

I believe this next production will be the best yet. Get ready guys!

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