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Tom Kilps Gallery of Photos

The Struggle to Get Back In Stock

My company Dance Jox has been out of stock since August of 2015. I am almost back in stock after 10 months. I can honestly say I’ve had a learning experience. I made the mistake of seeking out other cut and sew contractors to make the dance belt. Shouldn’t have done that. The companies I was working with for samples had complications with getting to a production. I have gone back to one of my manufacturers that is reliable.
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Inception of Dance Jox

We have layoff weeks during our 38 week contract at Texas Ballet Theater. The inception of my company was during my two week layoff in December of 2012 in Wisconsin visiting my family. I had just got done dancing in 30 plus shows of The Nutcracker, so I was ready to relax for a few weeks embracing cabin fever due to the Wisconsin winters.
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The Shoot With Andy Keye + Whitney Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Andy Keye + Whitney Photography for Dance Jox’s first photo shoot. Working for Texas Ballet Theater I had met Andy Keye who was a frequent photographer. I had met him on a few occasions before really getting to know him. What a good guy! He had shot large events like our annual TuTu Chic fashion show sponsored by Stanley Korshak in Dallas, and our Christmas time Nutcracker Tea Party.
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Dance Jox Video

Dance Jox Video

These moves consist of :
Entrechat six (1:10)
Pas De Chat (1:13)
Double Tour En L’air (1:18)
Revoltade (1:29)
Double Assemblé (1:35)
Double Saut de basque En Dedans (1:36)
Double Saut de Basque(1:41)
Barrel turns into 540 jump (1:48)

In Defense of Boys

In Defense of Boys

Boys who dance have it rough—here’s how to smooth their path

By Anne L. Silveri

With Billy Elliot packing them in on Broadway, it’s a good time to think about how boys treat each other when some of them choose dance as a pastime or career. Even the popular 2006 film Happy Feet addressed a similar issue, albeit from a penguin’s perspective. Why do so many men have trouble accepting that their sons are born to dance? In both of these films the fathers were the problem, but boys’ peers can be difficult too.

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